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The Tesla-Enerplus property comprises three claims totaling 551 Ha west of Gerrard, along Healy Creek. Mineral Mountain Resources in 2011 sampled banks along the logging road that follows the creek and discovered several horizons of black, manganiferous biotite schist with broad, weakly anomalous Ni and Co, as well and Cu and Zn (Assessment Report 32242). These horizons and sample locations were verified by the property owners in 2016. Cardero's prospecting and contour soil sampling (25m spaced) in fall 2017 along several logging roads on the west slope, above the Healy Creek road, have traced some of these horizons upslope, but more rock sampling and soil lines are needed. Only a few silt samples were collected, as the drainages run parallel to geological trends thereby limiting their usefulness.

The northern-most of the anomalous Co-Cu-Zn horizons extends for about 700 metres up the slope to above road exposures of rusty manganiferous biotite schist horizons within quartzite-biotite schist (Figure 3).

A second Co-Cu anomaly at the south margin of the property appears to correlate to anomalous soil samples taken by Mineral Mountain along Healy Creek road 500 metres to the south. The claims were extended 1400 metres to the south to cover the anomaly.

Cardero will follow up with more detailed soil and sediment sampling on the west and south areas of the property in the next field season.