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Silver Queen Property

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Detailed examination of historical reports and data led to the delineation of a prospective area, covering favourable geology and geophysical anomalies that do not appear to have been drill tested. The same rock types that are host to disseminated oxide copper at Zonia have been mapped on the Silver Queen block. Structural evidence suggests the rocks may repeat themselves in a fold limb dipping to the southeast. This interpretation is corroborated by a 400 by 2700 metre aeromagnetic low parallel to the Zonia deposit, suggestive of magnetite-destructive alteration and possibly mineralization at depth. In addition to the small past-producing Silver Crown silver mine near the northeast end of the claim block, there are numerous old adits, pits and shafts excavated which historically exploited high-grade copper bearing structures (Money Maker, Silver Eagle, Silver Bell, Surprise). Similar historical workings occur on the Zonia property (e.g. Copper Crown mine).

Table showing Silver Queen claims in relation to Zonia Claims:

Work Plan

Exploration on the Silver Queen claims will include geological mapping, soil sampling and geophysics. The Silver Queen claim has a historical 400m x 2,700m anomalous magnetic low, parallel to the known Zonia deposit and interpreted to be magnetite-destructive alteration associated with mineralization at depth and the preliminary exploration work will allow comparison to the Zonia deposit.